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Amsterdam · Netherlands



Like the Dutch menageries of the 17th century in Amsterdam, Rosalia’s Menagerie is a place where the exotic and unknown meets the local. We look forward to sharing our passion for besproke cocktails, unique locally-made spirits and howcase extraordinary products from abroad with you.

Cocktail Bar

Rosalia’s Menagerie is a cocktail bar inspired by Dutch heritage with its rich history in the trade, distilling, and innovation. Established in 2017, our cozy little bar is located on the principal floor of an inn on one of Amsterdam’s oldest canals. 

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Inn Upstairs

Thorugh the secret door in the bar, in true ‘speakeasy’ style, you will find Rosalia’s Inn Upstairs − our six personally styled boutique hotel rooms. For over 16 years we have been offering exceptional hospitality for the cultural pilgrim, the hopeless romantic and weary business traveller alike.

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